Aesthetic features include a strong front grille

The BMW i4 M50 is a member of BMW’s first all-electric saloon range. It’s also the first all-electric vehicle in the company’s M performance car division. It is, however, billed as a replacement for the M340i, not as an electrical equal to the M3 Competition. The i4’s primary aesthetic features include a strong front grille comparable in size to that of the current 4 Series but without the requirement for engine cooling.

Additionally, the i4 gets distinctive features that complement the blue trim highlights in the headlights, allowing it to be easily distinguished from other BMW electric car models. In contrast to the iX, the i4 is built on BMW’s conventional CLAR platform. The aluminium and steel structure has been modified to handle the electric engine and its components.

Additionally, there is minimal wind noise at highway speeds save for a soft whoosh across the glass, and road noise is well muffled. BMW provides a sound generator if you want your i4 to have a sporty soundtrack, but the prototype we tested did not have one. As is the case with the majority of electric vehicles, the batteries are placed under the floor, lowering the center of gravity. While the i4 is constantly conscious of its weight, it feels well balanced in corners, grips well, and resists body lean effectively.

Although there is considerable float on undulating roads, the adaptive dampers are usually quite responsive. The air springs are capable of adjusting the ride height of the vehicle, resulting in an optimal degree of comfort.

On the other side, there is plenty of available room upfront. While most of our prototype’s dashboard was concealed, BMW has published photos that reveal massive instruments and infotainment displays that add to the car’s wow effect. As an added benefit, BMW kept the rotary infotainment controller seen on previous BMW models. This will make the system much simpler to use on the go than other vehicles’ touchscreen-only setups.

We can’t say that it matches the athleticism of M3, but it’s also very appealing. Yes, we have driven the prototype and not the final production version, but still, it was enough for us to get an idea of how great this vehicle will be.