Aston Martin is confident about the products

Aston Martin has been in trouble for several years, but now, it seems like it can get right back on track. More than a year ago, the new CEO was appointed and even though we haven’t seen much of him, he has been working very hard behind the scenes. His job was to get the company back on track, a tough task indeed, this is why he had been so busy.

We have no doubt many people would have assumed that he has been appointed newly as their hearing about him now. But now, he’s on the scene, doing interviews, answering questions, and ready to launch the new model.

When you hear him talk about the progress the brand has made, you would understand why he chose to keep a low profile. He had to make very tough and urgent decisions. He said he will give the brand’s first-quarter trading in a few days. There were many decisions that needed to be made and many tasks that need to be done, and now it seems like everything is done.

The sports car will be launched and the senior management has been appointed. They have reorganized the production system and will implement a new model development plan.

We also talked with him when he was working in AMG. We already know that he cares about building great cars, but he is also the one to take some time before delivering results. The first thing we wanted to know is whether he has any previous experience with this brand and how was it. He quickly answered and it was a straightforward answer; he didn’t put blame on anyone and he didn’t spare anyone as well.

Furthermore, he says that when he was appointed as CEO and he arrived to the company, the company is indeed in trouble. The first thing he realized was that they need to make the brand more efficient. They have to work on the manufacturing side and produce more engineering power.