Customers would consider it a good investment

Are you among those that wanted the latest Land Rover Defender with a diesel straight-six engine? If you are, well it’s time for you to be happy as the company has listened to you and they have launched a new version with a new engine, but you should know that now you will have to pay a higher price. You might not be very happy after all.

We did hear torque is cheap, but sadly, in this case, it’s not. The Land Rover Defender with its new engine now offers a higher torque output, but you’ll also have to pay a good price.

But it’s not like you’re getting anything ordinary, as it’s the most powerful diesel engine in this line-up. It will also be available with a V8, which will increase both its performance and price. It will definitely perform much better than the current version, but still, the performance stats of the current version are commendable.

We have tried this engine in a defender model and we were impressed by its performance. That was in defender 90, so it will be interesting to see how it performs with the larger 110. We had a SE-trim test car, which had many exciting features. It head LED headlights, a top-link Meridian sound system, keyless entry, and leather seats. It also had a digital rear-view mirror, which will be appreciated by both drivers and passengers.

The model is among the most fashionable cars today, but its powerplant might be considered the least fashionable by many. And you can’t ignore the fact that this vehicle does have a similarity with the older models and if you drove them you would definitely notice.

Whether or not buying this vehicle is a good option, depends on if you can easily afford this. The vehicle costs a good amount and if you add the tax bill as well, it might not be afforded by many. The running costs are higher as well, so there is no doubt that not many customers would consider it a good investment.