Design process ran for over four years

Can you buy a vehicle that costs around 2 million? You probably can’t, but you can surely learn about its features. But before we talk about the features, you should know that only 3 models have been built specifically for three customers. And these were handmade models, with the three customers being involved throughout the design process. You should also know that all the models look familiar, but the specifications and features are highly customized.

The head of coach build design for the brand gave us a tour of one of the models, which will be revealed soon. He wanted to show us the key features of the highly exclusive model. The features included two working fridges, matching timepieces, and a pop-up parasol.

The design process ran for over four years and we asked him about it. He said a normal design process was followed and they built full dummy models and asked the clients to review them. The clients were able to see the models at different stages and give their opinion. He also said that many brands ask the customers to choose from existing options, but for them, the main thing was the customer involvement in every step of the process. We have a very good relationship with our customers, so we were confident about getting their feedback constantly.

We also asked him if the three models will be identical to each other. He said the only similar thing between the 3 models is the body style. We did not want to produce just one model, and even the models in the late 1920s had usually two or more units. The customers were involved in the complete design process and when you look at the three finished models, you would see how heavily customized they are.

We also asked him if he has a favorite feature of the vehicle. He said that the most interesting thing about the vehicle is that it exists. He says we are living in a world where automation and immediate fulfillment are preferred, so the fact that we spent the time and had the freedom to create something that has historical significance is extraordinary.