Every aspect of the flagship is refined

The production phase for the very powerful supercar begins. You might already know about the C-Two concept from Croatian manufacturer Rimac, and now they are taking that concept into the production phase. The car will be called Nevera and it will see many improvements during the production phase.

The concept was revealed in 2018 and after 3 years of the development process, it has finally entered the production phase. The vehicle, which will cost the customers around 1.8 million, will rival the lotus Evija. The car made its debut earlier this year and it was also presented to the public at the festival of speed.

According to the company, their engineers have worked together to make sure every aspect of this flagship is refined and it offers something that no other competitor is offering. The company set performance targets in 2018, following which, they are offering this customized hypercar, built using in-house developed components.

The vehicle offers a combined output of more than 1800bhp as well as a high torque output. The company claims that this is more than any traditional supercar. They have also mentioned that it’s quicker than what they had planned initially. According to the figures revealed by the company, the vehicle is said to be the fastest-accelerating production car ever. There is a bespoke battery that stores the power and it can produce a higher amount of power and offer a range of over 280 miles.

The design of the production model will be familiar to the concept car presented three years ago, although there will be minor changes to the diffusers and body panels, each, according to the company, will improve aero efficiency. The company also says that they have boosted the brake and engine cooling by 30%.

The hypercar can be driven in both high downforce mode and the low drag mode, with both offering improved aero efficiency, the latter much lower than the former. It seems great and we are looking forward to driving its production version. Only then, we can assess how good it is and how much value it will offer to the customers.