Expanding the coachbuilding service

We cover a lot of vehicle launches regularly and many of these vehicles are often very expensive. Today we will cover the most expensive vehicle that we have ever written an article about. It’s the very expensive coachbuilt model from Rolls-Royce that will cost you about 18 million.

It’s a very exclusive, specifically made model that will help the company in expanding the coachbuilding service and establishing a stable business. It has two doors and four seats and has got quite a bold look as compared to other coachbuilt models.

Only three units have been built by the company for three buyers and each model is heavily customized. The buyers were involved in the design process and they had a say in everything. The company made sure each buyer gets a model that he is completely satisfied with.

The Coachbuild Design boss of the company has said that this collaboration between the brand and the clients was very unique and encouraging as well. He said that the clients were very helpful throughout the process and they understood that we want to project the future of the brand and they were completely cooperative. It’s not only the car that our customers wanted, but it’s our car; this is exactly how we wanted the model to be. He also added that the coachbuilt model shows how we have refined the design process. According to him, the clients were very clear from the beginning that they want something that has not been built before.

They were appreciative of our design initiatives and they supported us to create something different and don’t follow the design and traits that almost every company is following. But, they empowered us and there were no forced requirements.

According to the brand’s boss, due to this project, the commissioning service has expanded into a full coachbuilding division. It’s now a very important part of the business plan. The coachbuild division allows them to be close to the roots of their brand. It helps them collaborate with a few customers and create something that’s very unique, personal, beautiful and has historical significance. It also allows them to move towards the future.