Factory supply will end for the Honda

When Honda decided to leave F1, it seems like Red Bull was only left with one choice, to buy the engine rights. This is exactly what they did, bought the rights and set up a powertrains firm.

We talked with the brand’s Formula 1 team principal and asked him about his plans for the future. But he is not a very straightforward person when he’s managing and he admits this himself. HE says that we demand the best only and he says this with a smile. We pay the bills on time and we are very demanding and it can cause discomfort sometimes.

It’s the second-fastest team on the F1 grid and it might be good for it that now it doesn’t have to pay for hybrid power units to the rivals. When Honda announced that it is leaving F1, which meant the factory supply will end for the brand, it was time for him to make a decision. He couldn’t have considered Ferrari, so there was only one option left; to create another firm. So he created the Red Bull powertrain, but only because of extreme necessity.

He and the owner of Red Bull had only one choice. It was to make their biggest F1 commitment after 2004 when the company bought the Jaguar team. Now, they have an independent power unit division, which will supply both their teams, starting from the next year.

But it won’t be easy for them as this is a modern era and you are up against brands like Mercedes-AMG, which are supplying high-performance powertrains. But if we look at the positive aspect of this, it could be a chance for them to prove that it is the best move for them.

He said that as everyone knows it was the circumstances that forced us to take the decision. We enjoyed the working relationship with Honda and we were happy late. But when it came to an end, we had to ask ourselves, whether we want to remain a customer and face the challenges that come with it or become a powertrain supplier.