Focusing on the Emira coupe

Every now and then we see vehicles saying goodbye forever and most of the time we don’t even notice them. In fact, if we talk about the record, there are not many such vehicles about which we have written a farewell article.

Consider Audi A2, for instance, when its production stopped, it seemed like there are only a few people that noticed it, which was a bit unfair we think. Range Rover Evoque slipped away in 2018 there weren’t many who even bothered to write something for this vehicle.

Now that the Lotus Exige has entered its final production phase and it will soon pass away, we are a bit upset. About 21 years ago, the vehicle was launched, and since then three versions have been offered, but now its production is ending. The last model will leave the factory this year. The company is now focusing on the Emira coupe, which will compete against the Porsche 911.

It’s very likely that the vehicle may be the final combustion engine model from the brand. If you have any idea what’s going on in the world, you would already know this. The owner of the company wants his brand to offer only electric vehicles from 2028. Currently, the company is producing about 1,490 units every years and he wants the brand to manufacture tens of thousands of units each year. They are already working to produce these units in China.

The Emira will be heavier and it will be available with an electric powertrain. So this final edition of the Exige should be considered as the last of the old style models from the company.

We are not sure whether the question should you buy this vehicle is relevant here or not. This will be the final production version of a great vehicle, so if you want to buy it, you should just go ahead. The Emira does offer some good features, but if you find yourself often attracted to unique sports cars, the sport 390 is the one that you should purchase.