Hyundai do great in this region

What do you need to rival the brands like Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz? Probably a full stand-alone premium brand; which is exactly what Genesis is. Though, it’s not the first time the brand will be coming to the UK. In 2015 it launched an executive saloon to rival BMW 5 Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class. It stayed in the showrooms for two years, and during this period, only 42 units were sold. Despite the very low sales, the premium brand is back in Europe after four years.

It’s a bold move from the company, one that was not expected, not only because of the poor performance of the vehicle launched in 2015 but also because launching a premium brand in Europe is very tough. And to make it successful requires a lot of effort and probably some luck too.

The company’s aim would be to get success like Toyota’s Lexus brand. The brand is now established in the UK, but it took several decades and a huge investment. The worst-case for it would be to give up in a few years like Nissan’s brand Infinity. The brand’s bosses know the challenges they will be faced with.

Genesis seems to be doing well and it can help Hyundai do great in this region. The Hyundai Motor Group has shown that they can achieve great success with their sub-brands like Hyundai and Kia. But, they did not achieve this success overnight, instead, it was a result of the steady and calculated progress.

With Genesis, they are taking the same approach. They have been working on the European launch plans for several years while starting in other regions before coming to Europe. The brand was first introduced in the US and then South Korea, which is its home market. From there it then moved to Russia, Australia, and the Middle East. Just recently it was introduced in China, and now it’s prepared to start operations in Europe.