Majority of the big SUVs have diesel engines

Many people want to buy an SUV, but they are reluctant to because they don’t want a vehicle with a diesel engine. You know a majority of the big SUVs have diesel engines and some have petrol engines. Some customers want to avoid these engines and prefer either a hybrid or a fully electric vehicle. Today, we will talk about an SUV that may well be the right option for those people.

It’s the company’s biggest European-market SUV, and now it’s available in a seven-seat version. The original RX model first appeared in the market in 2015 and its L version was launched in 2018. Last year, refreshed versions were launched for both models and we tested the vehicle in multiple forms.

With this latest version, we are able to experience a more practical and comfortable side of this vehicle. This is even longer, and where we can’t say there are many seven-seat SUVs that look good, this vehicle is among those few that despite being big and long look really classy.

It’s only available in petrol hybrid version that’s self-charging. There is an electric rear axle that provides the four-wheel drive. When it was revised last year, it received great improvements to the chassis. It has an infotainments system with features like touch screen input and smartphone mirroring capability. If you want a wireless device charging pad as well as a head-up display, you need to go for the higher trim version.

The car attracted many customers, who weren’t that attracted before when a cheaper entry-level version was introduced last year. It meant that you can, for a lower price, get this model with seven seats, an infotainments system, and a range of active safety systems.

If you purchase a similarly equipped vehicle from other brands like Volvo or BMW, you would have to pay a higher price. If you want an SUV without a diesel engine this could be the right option for you. You won’t have to go for a petrol or plug-in hybrid option, which you may have to charge yourself.