Motorcyclist to accept the challenge was

You might have noticed that the roads shown in many movies and TV shows are quite the same, and if you have not, you will from now on. We will tell you the reason for this. Longcross studios, which, was once a ministry of defense site, is today an established and very popular film and television production facility that offers numerous several workshops and considerable office space, and required facilities.

As we reached there, shooting for a TV show was taking place and it was a tense moment in a car when I suddenly shouted and pointed towards the tree. The reason being, in another show, a Volkswagen Golf GTI had hit that tree.

My family didn’t like how I was recognizing the scenes filmed on these roads, but what can I do, it’s like almost every driving scene of movies or TV shows is being shot in the studio.

I won’t lie, I was quite excited, as that studio is very important to me. In 1959, the original Mini was launched on these very tracks. The first time I heard about the studio was in the late 1970s. A magazine was testing a car and a motorcycle. When I visited the Studio, I understood how bold the motorcyclist to accept the challenge was.

This track is not for those who can’t control their nerves. I wouldn’t say I respected this site as it deserved to when I was young, but it was a very exciting place for me. The site has an outer circuit and many trees on the outside. This track is not suitable for motorcycles and it has never been. The track is different from other tracks, and you need to treat it with caution.

It was quite an exciting visit for me as I went there after many years. I have visited this place many times and every time I feel the same energy. Many iconic movies and TV shows have been shot here and many are being shot currently.