Reuse components on a large scale

In the last few years, we have seen global efforts to reduce emissions and help the environment. Where many governments and industries are playing their part in this, the auto industry is not behind.

We have already seen many companies contributing to this by producing electric vehicles and reducing the number of combustion-engined vehicles. The manufacturers have also taken other measures to reduce emissions.

The company plans to reduce CO2 emissions as well as costs. They are also looking to create second-life EV batteries. Furthermore, they aim to reduce carbon emissions by a huge number. They will be able to achieve this by reusing remanufacturing company components. Furthermore, they are calling this circle business principle and it will help them reuse components on a large scale.

Steel and Aluminum will be among the materials recycled and among the components to be recycled are gearboxes. In 2020, the company remanufactured around 38,600 parts. This reduced the CO2 emissions by 2,970 tons. They also recycled 92% of the production waste, helping them to reduce CO2 emissions.

The company is also working with Battery Loop to help them reuse batteries. They will also work together to see if they can create second-life EV batteries. Their goal is to become a completely circular business and use only recycled parts, within two decades. The brand reconditioning program includes mechanical components like generators, compressors, and chassis parts.

The company’s head of strategy and sustainability said that if we reuse the materials, there are many benefits of that. If you do not create a new part and instead reuse it, you can reduce the CO2 emissions by 81%.

If you are not using new parts, there are many benefits of this as well. He also said that there are parts that we can be able to remanufacture three or four times. The company is aiming very high and we hope that it will be able to achieve its goals. Not only they will be able to help the environment greatly, but they can also pave the way for other manufacturers to achieve this.