Speedster to be sold in several US states

The Mclaren Elva is now available in a new variant, which means it can be bought in some of the US states. The new version is 19.5kg heavier and has a windscreen as well. Previously, the vehicle was only available with the standard innovative active air management system from the brand. This system would create a barrier of air, but many customers didn’t like it and they wanted a physical screen. So this new variant is for those customers who wanted the Supercar to have a windscreen.

It will also allow the speedster to be sold in several US states. The new variant is mechanically identical to the original version. The company made sure that the addition of a windscreen doesn’t compromise on aerodynamic efficiency and handling performance. They develop a dedicated engineering program for only this purpose.

The latest version has a windscreen heating element, windscreen washer, sun visors, and automatic wipers. Even though the company has not announced the performance detail, they are expected to be quite similar to the standard version. The new model will be delivered to the customers starting from the end of the year.

Initially, the plan was to build 396 units of the exclusive supercar. But later, it was announced, that only 241 units will be built and now the numbers are down to 144 units. The company has not announced an official reason for the reduction in the vehicle’s production number, but we believe it could be because of two reasons.

The brand either misjudged the car’s market demand or they have chosen a very high price; it could be both reasons as well. If we talk about other models, only 86 units will be built of the Aston Martin speedster and the SP1 and SP2 Monza models from Ferrari will get only 242 units each. The latest speedster joins the range-topping model line and it has a very high starting price. It offers a rear-wheel drive and the brand claim it’s their lightest road car ever.