Succeed in any product-selling business

If you want to succeed in any product-selling business, you need at least one product that can lead the whole range. Stellantis is hoping to have a leader in the shape of the DS 9 flagship model. The UK team wants the luxury brand to do well in the country, this is why they are very eager to launch this model, which will be available for purchase from September.

The four-seat saloon will be rivaling the Audi A6 and BMW 5 series. According to the brand’s UK boss, they won’t measure the success of the vehicle in terms of how many units have been sold compared to the other two models. The DS range now has four models and the flagship is definitely a very good addition. It represents everything that the brand proudly offers such as luxury, quality material, and exceptional customer service.

Even though this range hasn’t had such a great career in the UK, the flagship model and recently launched 4 model have given new hopes to the company. With these models, they are hoping to expand their business in the UK as it’s the market in which high-spec cars usually do well. The models will be sold through 28 retailers and more will be established soon.

Not only will the company be offering great customer service, but they have also ensured that they meet the modern Standards. This is why the models are also available in electric form. It’s a figure that many companies are aiming to get.

The company is emphasizing the customer service offer and it looks good too. With virtual reality gadgetry, you will be able to specify cars as well as rent them in different ways. You can also have your vehicle collected from either office for home if it needs servicing. You will also be able to be a part of privileged events and get special access to the Formula E race. Furthermore, you should know that the brand has won the past two Formula E Championships.